Creating an Interactive PDF Magazine

with Mike Rankin
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Creating an Interactive PDF Magazine
Video duration: 0s 1h 1m Intermediate


Learn to take a magazine originally designed as a static Adobe InDesign document and convert it to an interactive PDF. Of all the ways to create a digital magazine, PDF is a great choice because it fully preserves the look of your print design and requires no coding to create. Author Mike Rankin walks you through 12 quick steps to transform a print magazine into a digital one, with hyperlinks, buttons, and bookmarks for navigating to content inside the catalog and out on the web. Plus, learn to add video, slideshows, and forms that can be submitted via email. Mike also shows you how to recognize and fix some real-world problems with interactive PDFs from InDesign.

Topics include:
  • Creating a navigation system
  • Adding bookmarks
  • Building an interactive TOC
  • Showing and hiding content with buttons
  • Working with hyperlinks
  • Creating PDF forms
  • Interacting with PDFs on mobile devices


- [Voiceover] Hi. I'm Mike Rankin and welcome to Creating an Interactive PDF Magazine. In this video series I'll show you how to take an existing InDesign document for a magazine and add interactivity in the form of hyperlinks, video, and buttons and forms. We'll see some InDesign features that create interactivity for you automatically and we'll also cover issues like viewing interactive PDFs on mobile devices so you'll know how to tell if your PDF will work as expected on an iPad, and we'll take a look at some common PDF fix-ups that you may have to perform in Adobe Acrobat after exporting from InDesign.

So let's get started creating an interactive PDF magazine.

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