Creating Ebooks for the Kindle

with Tony Harmer
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Creating Ebooks for the Kindle
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Need to convert an ebook into a Kindle-ready format? No matter what your file's origin—InDesign, Word, Pages, or even a plain text editor—Tony Harmer will show you how to crack it open and convert it to a Kindle-compatible format with your choice of free tools: Sigil, calibre, and KindleGen. Learn about the range of ebook formats and editing tools, get a short primer on HTML and CSS, and see how to build out ebook features like tables of contents, links, and metadata. When you're done creating your ebook, Tony will show how to upload it to Amazon's Kindle Store.

Topics include:
  • Reviewing ebook formats
  • Converting to EPUB from Word and Pages
  • Converting HTML/XHTML to EPUB
  • Adding a cover image
  • Editing metadata
  • Building a TOC
  • Adding and editing links
  • Publishing to Amazon
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(musical tones) - [Voiceover] Hello there. My name is Tony Harmer, and welcome to this course on Creating Ebooks for the Kindle. In this title, I will take you through some of what you need to know to crack open your Epub with free software, such as Sigil or Calibre. I'll show you how to fix some of the simple, common problems from a range of different creation software and/or processes.

It won't matter how you've arrived at your manuscript, whether you created it in Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign, or even a plain text editor, by the end of this course, you'll have a good knowledge on how to get a decent file that should covert across to Kindle just fine.

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