Creating Ebooks with InDesign CS5

with Rufus Deuchler
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Creating Ebooks with InDesign CS5
Video duration: 0s 3h 7m Intermediate


This workshop from design guru Rufus Deuchler helps leverage designers existing Adobe InDesign knowledge to quickly gain a foothold in the rapidly expanding world of ebooks. First learn how to set up an InDesign document that can be smoothly and accurately exported to the EPUB format used by the Kindle and other ebook readers. Then get simple, nuts-and-bolts advice on working with images, hyperlinks, metadata, and more, as well as tips on how to avoid potential pitfalls. Before you know it, you'll be ready to create and publish your first ebook.

Topics include:
  • Creating a new InDesign document with EPUB in mind
  • Working with text
  • Creating hyperlinks and cross-references
  • Working with graphics
  • Defining the reading order of the EPUB
  • Other essential parts of an ebook
  • Exporting to EPUB
  • Customizing an EPUB
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Hi, there. My name is Rufus Deuchler. I'm a designer, dreamer, and worldwide software evangilist. In this video seminar, I will be giving you an overview of how to create an eBook with Adobe InDesign. And I'll give you a head start on creating your first e-publication. This course was created with graphic designers in mind. And I expect you to have some basic knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, specifically InDesign and some Photoshop for image compression. However, no prior experience creating eBooks is required or expected. If you are a publisher on the other hand, this course may also be interesting as a way to quickly learn about the limitations of the ePub format. And enable you to give correct directives to your layout artists. So what is an ePub, you might ask? An ePub is an electronic version of a publication that has been optimized for on-screen viewing. There are many different types of screens an ePub can be on. From the monitor of your PC, to a range of devices, the size of your cellular phone, to dedicated eBook readers, to tablet computers. Each with different resolutions and sizes.

Thankfully, ePub provides a way of easily viewing text and images on any of those devices. In the series of videos, I will guide you through the steps that I took to write my very own eBook on creating ePub with InDesign. In a very short amount of time, I then published it to the Amazon digital text platform where it is selling online. This is tangible proof that you can indeed quickly and easily create and publish ePub documents using Adobe InDesign. I will show you how to manage text and images to have the best possible results for ePub. You'll also learn to look into the code generated by InDesign upon export, and get the basic knowledge required to edit that code to optimize the output. By the time you're done, you'll be able to create and publish your eBook as quickly as I did.

So, thanks for taking this course and enjoy the ride. (MUSIC).

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