103 Bobbling a photograph

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103 Bobbling a photograph

Hi. I'm Mike Rankin and welcome to InDesign Effects. In this week's video, we'll see how to make a fun and pretty silly effect that looks like a bobble head doll using InDesign's animation tools. Here, let's preview this dog and cat. So you can see our dog and cat rock their heads slowly back and forth in unison and hopefully bring a smile to your face with their silliness. So I'll close the swift preview panel, go to the next page of my document and we'll see how to build this. Now to get this animation to work, you need to start with a photo that's been setup in Photoshop with layers, with one layer showing just the person or animal's body and another layer that shows the head that you want to bobble.

So I'll press control or Cmd+D to place. I'll go inside the exercise files folder to Links, and I'll choose dog and cat. I'll hold down shift while I click on open, and that opens the image import options dialogue box because I want to show the visibility of some layers here and hide others. So right now I have three layers in this Photoshop document, a dog head layer, a cat head layer, and the background layer, which is just their bodies. So I'm going to hide both the heads right now and just show the bodies. I'll click okay, and click in the document, them right about there.

Now I'm going to copy, paste and place, by pressing Cmd+Shift+Opt+V or Ctrl+Shift+Alt+V. So now I have a second copy of this placed object and I'll right-click on it, scroll down and choose object layer options. And for this copy, I want to hide the bodies, so I'm going to hide the background layer and I'll just show the dog head layer here,. Click okay. There he is. Copy and paste and place again. And for this copy, I'll show just the cat head layer. Hide the dog, show the cat. Okay. Now, one thing to note about this effect is when we rotate the heads back and forth, we'll start to see a weird little gap around the underside of the chin here, so one thing I like to do is either make the heads larger or make the body smaller.

In addition to hiding that little flaw, it makes the effect goofier and a little bit funnier. So what we need to do is select the original placed photo. So I'll go to the Layers panel, make sure I target the right one, the one at the bottom here. And I'm going to decrease the size of that. So I'll constrain my proportions, and decrease down to 90%. You know that ought to be pretty good. Now we can apply the animations. So first I'll select the dog and the cat. Click in the layers panel to make that easier. I'll open my animation by choosing window, interactive animation.

And the animation that we're going to choose from the presets is called dance. And by default, you wouldn't think this would give you a bobble head effect, let's just preview it, and you can see what it does. Does this really kind of silly wiggling thing, but we're going to change some of the values and make it look like a bobble head. So we'll leave on page load as the event, we'll change the duration to 6 seconds, we'll make it loop over and over again, we'll turn off the speed, and we'll keep current appearance and leave the other settings at their default. Now, preview again. And there's still some more tweaking to do here.

So now the dog head starts rocking, the cat's not doing anything. There he goes. He kicks in after a little while. But you can definitely see those gaps. So you need to make some more changes here. The first thing is I want both of these to play at the same time. So I'll go to the Timing Panel by clicking on the button at the bottom of the Animation Panel. I'll select both, and click on the icon to make them play together. So that solves one problem. The next problem is they weren't rotating around the right point in space. I really want the dog's head to rotate right around here, at the top if his shoulders and the same for the cat over here.

So I'll select the dog animation. And if you look closely, you can see this little green square over here, or actually it's a green arrow head. That's the point around which the dogs head is going to animate. If I look in the animation panel I can see the proxy for that as well. I can't really grab that and move it to any arbitrary place that I want to. But what I can do is reshape the frame, or resize it actually and this will move to the center or wherever the frame is. Now before I resize the frame, let's make sure I have the right one selected. And actually I don't. This is the top copy. So this is going to be the cat head.

I don't want it to rotate around that point for the dog. So let's select the dog frame. And now I can reshape it, like so. So that looks right about where his head should be attached to his shoulders. We'll select the cat frame. Resize it. Keep your eye on that green control point there. And that ought to work. All right. Let's preview again. And there we go. Rocking back and forth in unison, almost hypnotically. So in this video we saw how to make a cute bobble head effect using the dance animation preset and a layered Photoshop file so we can animate just the heads of these cuddly creatures.

I'm Mike Renken. I'll be back in two weeks. And thanks for watching.

103 Bobbling a photograph
Video duration: 4m 47s 8h 7m Intermediate Updated Jul 08, 2014


103 Bobbling a photograph provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by Mike Rankin as part of the InDesign FX

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