InDesign: 10 Things to Know About GREP

with David Blatner
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InDesign: 10 Things to Know About GREP
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With its ability to find and replace character patterns in documents, GREP helps designers and editors work quickly and efficiently. Over the course of InDesign: 10 Things to Know About GREP, David Blatner demonstrates how to use GREP codes to improve workflow. He teaches GREP search techniques using patterns of numbers or letters or strings of words. David even shows how to use text patterns within a document. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Using pre-built find/change expressions
  • Reordering names in an exported list from a database
  • Working with GREP and fonts
  • Establishing character formats with GREP style
  • Using escape characters to customize code
  • Accessing the fly-out menus to specify search commands
  • Applying global conditions using GREP


(light piano music) - GREP makes formatting or editing large amounts of text easy. So what is GREP? It's a way to describe patterns in text. For example you can use any old find feature to search for the word 'dog'. But it takes GREP to search for say any word that starts with a 'd' and ends with a 'g'. That's a simple pattern. Now, I'm David Blatner, and this is InDesign CS4 10 Things to Know About GREP.

In this title we're going to look at how you can use InDesign's find/change dialog box to search for complex patterns. Like any four digit number with or without a comma in it but only at the start of a paragraph. Then we'll explore GREP styles and how you can use them to apply formatting to text pattern like any string of words that are inside parenthesis. I'll even show you how you can reorder names in a list exported from a data base. Patterns of text that is what GREP is all about. And the more text you have the more you need GREP.

If you create one page ads, this title is handy but it's not critical. But if you layout books or newspapers or catalogs these are 10 Things you Need to Know About GREP. Let's jump in.

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