InDesign CS5 Essential Training

with David Blatner
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InDesign CS5 Essential Training
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Author David Blatner provides in-depth training on InDesign CS5, the print and interactive page layout application from Adobe, in InDesign CS5 Essential Training. The course shows how to create new documents with strong and flexible master pages, precisely position text and graphics, prepare documents for print, and export designs as interactive PDF or Flash SWF files. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
  • Navigating and customizing the workspace
  • Managing documents and pages
  • Rotating pages and spreads
  • Adjusting and mixing page sizes
  • Overriding master page items
  • Putting text on a path
  • Threading text frames
  • Applying strokes, fills, and other formatting effects
  • Nesting, grouping, and locking objects
  • Formatting: character-level and paragraph-level
  • Packaging, printing, and exporting


- Hi, I'm David Blatner, welcome to InDesign CS5 essential training. InDesign CS5 is a professional design and layout tool. It's used by most graphic designers, magazine and book publishers, newspapers and ad agencies around the world. InDesign lets you precisely position text and graphics on your page and then output your documents for either print or interactive files. In this course, I'll show you everything you need to start building your high-quality InDesign documents.

I'll teach you how to create a new document and build strong and flexible master pages which can really speed up laying out your file. I'll explain how to bring text and graphics onto your page, manipulate them, even animate them to make your designs jump off the page. And I'll discuss how to ready your pages for final output whether that's for print, PDF, or a Flash SWF file. However, InDesign CS5 is so rich that every feature relates to every other feature and that's why I recommend that you watch this essential training title once all the way through and then go back to watch specific specific movies when you need a review.

I've been doing page layout for 20 years, and I've been working with InDesign since it came out a decade ago. As the co-host of I've learned this program inside and out and I'm looking forward to sharing it's secrets with you. So, come on, let's have some fun with InDesign CS5 essential training.

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