Up and Running with InDesign

with Deke McClelland
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Up and Running with InDesign
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This course is a streamlined introduction to InDesign, Adobe's popular publishing application. Expert Deke McClelland shows how to design polished multi-page documents for print and electronic output, in the shortest time possible. The course covers the basics of formatting type, flowing text, placing images, and combining type and graphics.

Topics include:
  • Getting around a document
  • Making text frames
  • Creating paragraph styles
  • Adding bullets and numbers
  • Repeating elements with master pages
  • Cropping and scaling artwork
  • Wrapping text around a graphic
  • Preparing a document for print
  • Exporting a PDF file


- Hi, I'm Deke McClelland. Welcome to Adobe InDesign. InDesign lets you assemble text, graphics, and other elements to create professional quality multi-page documents. The purpose of the following movies is to get you up and running with InDesign in the shortest amount of time possible. I make no attempt to cover every feature in the software. Instead, I show you just those features that you need to know to make your first professionally composed document.

Specifically, I show you how to add text to your pages, as well as apply typeface and other essential formatting attributes. I show you how to navigate inside a document, so you can move between pages without even thinking. And I show you how to import, crop, and scale photographs, as well as make your artwork look its absolute best on screen and in print. If ever you've felt like you wanted to develop your page layout skills, but weren't entirely sure what questions to ask, this is the place to start.

Here's how to make the most of InDesign.

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