InDesign CS4 Power Shortcuts

with Michael Ninness
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InDesign CS4 Power Shortcuts
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In InDesign CS4 Power Shortcuts, Adobe product manager and designer Michael Ninness reveals hundreds of tips to boost productivity, including the top 20 power shortcuts every InDesign user must know. From placing multiple images to the hidden power of Quick Apply, each one of these videos covers an important topic, and includes just the right amount of information to make anyone a true InDesign power user. InDesign users are always looking for faster, more efficient ways to do everything, and this course offers just what they're looking for. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Scaling a frame and its content at the same time
  • Using the Control panel
  • Switching to the Hand tool while editing text
  • Placing multipage Illustrator, PDF, and InDesign files into a layout
  • Selecting and moving items that are behind other items
  • Setting frame-fitting options before starting work
  • Working with layers, master pages, frames, text, styles, and more!


(calm music) - Hello, I'm Michael Ninness. As an author for, my mission is to make learning fun and practical and turn you into a power user. This course, InDesign CS4 Power Shortcuts is aimed at just that. It reveals the essential shortcuts and hidden tricks in InDesign that you can get more done in less time. At the start of this course I'm going to show you the top 20 power short cuts that every InDesign user must memorize, but that's just the warm up. From there I'll show you how to make InDesign fly by keeping your hands on the keyboard as much as possible.

I'll also demonstrate better document and panel management strategies aimed at getting the interface out of your way. Plus I'll show you techniques in how to be quicker and more nimble when working with text, styles, pages, master pages, layers, guides, placing images, and much, much more. Now, I developed this course so it could be watched from start to finish but also so it could be used as an ongoing quick reference tool as well. With that in mind I recommend you breeze through the entire course but come back often for specific reminders until you've memorized all the power shortcuts that are relevant to you in your InDesign work.

Now let's get started with InDesign CS4 Power Shortcuts.

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