InDesign CS4 Getting Started

with Deke McClelland
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InDesign CS4 Getting Started
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InDesign CS4 Getting Started is a concise demonstration of the techniques used to assemble text and images into multi-page documents that can be published in print, on the web, or in many other electronic formats. Deke McClelland introduces the core elements that make up any InDesign project, whether simple or complex: pages, text frames, and images. He shows how to place and flow text, and set character- or paragraph-level attributes. He also examines image placement, cropping, scaling, and framing. Along the way, Deke discusses the efficient use of rulers and guides, and how to navigate between pages. Example files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Designing master pages
  • Changing type color
  • Defining paragraph styles
  • Formatting bullets and numbers
  • Improving display performance
  • Determining how text wraps around graphics


(Music playing.) Hi, I'm Deke McClelland. I make books and videos about computer graphics and electronic design. And I grew up laying out pages. I began my professional career at a newspaper, designing ads and articles more than 20 years ago. I know, I look like I'm 17. It's hard to believe. Which might be why I've loved Adobe InDesign from the second I saw it. I wrote the very first book on InDesign, InDesign for Dummies of all things.

And I'm the only person who's written either a book or recorded a video on every version of the program without exception. It's like I found my calling or something. So here's the skinny. InDesign lets you assemble type and graphics into a multipage document. Take any magazine, newspaper, online PDF file; more likely than not it was laid out in InDesign. These days it's not just about print publications; it's a whole lot more. The publication has to transcend the page, exist online, be available for download, which is why InDesign is the perfect program.

It lets you make any document for every purpose. In less than two hours. Not even two hours! That's it. You'll learn how to start a document, make a text frame, apply character and paragraph level formatting attributes, set up style sheets, import, crop and scale artwork. Set up master pages for repeating footers and folios, wrap text around a graphic. This is your chance to get your bearings, decide whether InDesign is right for you and determine what else it is you need to know.

In the meantime, get ready to get started and enjoy.

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