InDesign CS4 Beyond the Basics

with David Blatner
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InDesign CS4 Beyond the Basics
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David Blatner brings his knowledge of and passion for InDesign to the latest release of this state-of-the-art publishing program, showing how to harness its power and functionality. InDesign CS4 Beyond the Basics covers the process of publishing with an eye on the program's latest nuances: optimizing page layouts, automating InDesign with Data Merge and XML, exploring interactive documents (including making movies), and exporting publications to a variety of formats. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Automating with Data Merge and XML
  • Optimizing page layouts
  • Using advanced effects
  • Creating interactive documents
  • Integrating with Illustrator


(upbeat music) - Hi there, my name is David Blatner. Welcome to InDesign CS4: Beyond the Basics. If you've already watched my InDesign Essential Training title from, you know that I'm also the coauthor of Real World InDesign, the editorial director of InDesign Magazine, and the cohost of In this title, I'm going to start up where I left off and I'll guide you beyond the basics and into dozens of important features that you need to know in order to master this incredible program.

Over the course of this title, we'll tackle techniques for optimizing your layouts, automating InDesign with Data Merge and XML, setting great looking type, exporting and printing color-managed documents, and more. As I always like to tell my students, the more you know, the better it gets. And after you watch the next dozen chapters, you're going to know a lot about InDesign. Now, come with me on an amazing journey of my favorite page layout program, Adobe InDesign CS4.

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