InDesign CS4: 10 Free Must-Have Plug-ins

with David Blatner
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InDesign CS4: 10 Free Must-Have Plug-ins
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For designers who want to get more out of InDesign CS4, plug-ins offer a great option for adding to the finished project. With InDesign CS4: 10 Free Must-Have Plug-ins, instructor and InDesign guru David Blatner shows designers how to tap into some of the best free plug-ins to boost productivity and streamline page layout and workflow. From the practical Keyboard Shortcuts to the engaging Tetris plug-in, David introduces a batch of quick solutions for getting more out of InDesign.

Topics include:
  • Acquiring and installing plug-ins
  • Using AutoFit to automatically expand and move frames
  • Enhancing pages with PatternMaker
  • Building puzzles with a single click using Sudoku
  • Enabling multiple undos with MultiDo


- My name is David Blatner and I can't help it. I want more. Specifically, I want Adobe InDesign to do more. And maybe that's a little crazy, because InDesign already does so much. And yet, I still want more. And I'm not alone. At my blog, InDesign Secrets dot com, we get emails daily from people who want features that InDesign itself doesn't offer.

And here's the cool thing, InDesign is extensible and dozens of third party developers make plugins that add all kinds of features to this program. Now in this title, InDesign CS4: 10 must have plugins, I'm going to highlight 10 plugins that are not only incredibly helpful, but also free. Plugins that let you make sudoku puzzles for your magazine or newsletter. Plugins that let you make text frames automatically expand as you add text to them. Plugins that let you explore your creativity by drawing infinitely customizable background patterns.

And that's just a few of the 10 plugins I'll be showing you. Again, these 10 cool plugins are all free. So, it's a no brainer. You'd be crazy not to get at least a few of them and try them out. InDesign is awesome, but never stop asking for more.

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