InDesign CS4: 10 Free Must-Have Plug-ins

with David Blatner
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InDesign CS4: 10 Free Must-Have Plug-ins
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For designers who want to get more out of InDesign CS4, plug-ins offer a great option for adding to the finished project. With InDesign CS4: 10 Free Must-Have Plug-ins, instructor and InDesign guru David Blatner shows designers how to tap into some of the best free plug-ins to boost productivity and streamline page layout and workflow. From the practical Keyboard Shortcuts to the engaging Tetris plug-in, David introduces a batch of quick solutions for getting more out of InDesign.

Topics include:
  • Acquiring and installing plug-ins
  • Using AutoFit to automatically expand and move frames
  • Enhancing pages with PatternMaker
  • Building puzzles with a single click using Sudoku
  • Enabling multiple undos with MultiDo


My name is David Blatner and I can't help it. I want more. Specifically, I want Adobe InDesign to do more. (Music playing.) Maybe that's a little crazy, because InDesign already does so much and yet I still want more. I'm not alone. On my blog, we get e-mails daily from people who want features that InDesign itself doesn't offer.

And here is the cool thing. InDesign is extensible. Dozens of third party developers make plug-ins that add all kinds of features to this program. Now in this title, InDesign CS4: 10 Must-Have Plug-Ins, I'm going to highlight 10 plug-ins that are not only incredibly helpful but also free. Plug-ins that let you make Sudoku puzzles for your magazine or newsletter. Plug-ins that let you make text frames automatically expand as you add text to them. Plug-ins that let you explore your creativity by drawing infinitely customizable background patterns and that's just a few of the 10 plug-ins I'll be showing you.

Again, these 10 cool plug-ins are all free. So it's a no-brainer. You would be crazy not to get at least a few of them and try them out. InDesign is awesome, but never stop asking for more.

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