InDesign: 10 Essential Tips

with David Blatner
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InDesign: 10 Essential Tips
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In InDesign: 10 Essential Tips, instructor David Blatner uses his vast knowledge of InDesign to teach some of the program's useful but not universally known functions. He showcases new techniques and tricks, including stripping out unwanted text formatting, and scaling objects quickly. The shortcuts in this course are designed to help new and experienced InDesign users streamline their workflows and make more time for the creative process.

Topics include:
  • Customizing keyboard shortcuts to shave off hours of work
  • Cleaning up and styling imported text quickly
  • Getting InDesign to do the math
  • Troubleshooting problem documents
  • Changing preference for maximum effectiveness
  • Changing page size with Layout Adjustment


- I've been using InDesign for a decade, but I'm still finding new techniques to make my workflow more efficient. (bouncy music) Hi, I'm David Blatner the co-author of Real World InDesign, the co-host of, and the editorial director of InDesign Magazine. I also present the InDesign Essential Training and Beyond the Basic titles here at In this title, I've collected ten tips that are essential to every InDesign user, and so I dub this title InDesign 10 Essential Tips.

In the upcoming movies, I'm going to let you in on the most important keyboard shortcuts and how you can customize them to shave off hours of work from your project. I'll show you techniques that InDesign masters use everyday to clean up imported text and style it quickly. And we'll explore undocumented secrets that help you set up this powerhouse program for maximum efficiency. As I travel around the world, I find that even advanced users don't know a lot of these tips. So my guess is, that at least a few of these little jewels are gonna surprise you. Let's find out.

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