InDesign CS3 Professional Typography

with Nigel French
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InDesign CS3 Professional Typography
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A successful layout starts with the smart use of typography.InDesign CS3 Professional Typography begins with the basics by working with text manually and understanding character formatting, then progresses through the more advanced features of InDesign CS3, such as setting up and applying paragraph and character styles, using OpenType fonts, and understanding how kerning, tracking, and leading affect readability. InDesign CS3 Professional Typography also covers the advanced implementation of nested styles and sequential styles, finessing such typographic details as ellipses, apostrophes, and fractions, using baseline grids, and applying special effects to your type. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Topics include:
  • Placing and flowing text Choosing and formatting type Setting leading for best readability Using kerning and tracking Working with special characters Aligning type Applying paragraph styles Creating nested and sequential styles Working with text wraps Working with baseline grids Applying type effects

Understanding how to use this course

- [Voiceover] Hi. My name is Nigel French, a graphic designer and instructor living in Brighton, England, and I'm here to teach you InDesign CS3 Professional Typography, where we'll be looking at the finer points of working with type in Adobe InDesign, as well as digging deep into many timeless typographic concepts and principles. We'll be looking at the type-related features and preferences within the application. To effectively use this title, it's advisable that you have some prior knowledge of InDesign.

If you're a new user, has the InDesign Essentials Training title, which I advise you to check out first. Feel free to jump around from chapter to chapter, but these lessons are intended to build upon each other. Enjoy.

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