InDesign CS3 Long Documents

with Nigel French
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InDesign CS3 Long Documents
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InDesign's functionality allows for handling multi-page documents, but even advanced users may not have mastered all the time-saving features available to streamline their processes. InDesign CS3 Long Documents focuses on workflow automation and how to complement these workflows with other applications. Instructor Nigel French also demonstrates scripts and plug-ins that can enhance InDesign's capabilities. Familiarity with InDesign CS3 is recommended. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Setting up templates and master pages
  • Working with Bridge
  • Creating books
  • Planning and managing styles
  • Troubleshooting with the Story Editor
  • Managing footnotes and endnotes
  • Searching with GREP
  • Generating a table of contents
  • Automating layouts
  • Repurposing material as PDF and XHTML documents

Welcome and how to use the exercise files

- [Voiceover] Welcome to InDesign Long Documents. My name is Nigel French, your instructor for these movies. This is not a beginning title so you need to be pretty much up to scratch working with InDesign. If you're not, I recommend that you check out the existing titles on the library, and, in fact, I recommend that you check them out anyway. They are all very good. Now, regardless of the length of your document, I hope that you're gonna find some really useful techniques for speeding up your work flow in these movies.

If you're a premium member of the online training library, or if you're watching this tutorial on a disc, then you have access to the exercise files used throughout, and let me just explain a little bit about where they are. They're in a folder called Exercise Files. Here they are and this is how they are arranged, and you'll see also that I have on my desktop, this folder Scripts Panel alias, and I'll be referring to that in explaining what that's all about in the upcoming overview movie.

If you're a monthly or annual subscriber to, then you will not have access to these exercise files, but nevertheless, you can follow along and use your own files and just substitute those on an as-needed basis.

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