InDesign CS2 Professional Typography

with Nigel French
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InDesign CS2 Professional Typography
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InDesign CS2 is the world's most sophisticated page layout program, offering a degree of typographic complexity and precision that graphic designers could until now only dream of. InDesign CS2 Professional Typography guides you through the program's type features, beginning with the basics of character and paragraph formatting, then progressing to the advanced features, such as paragraph and character styles, nested styles, and baseline grids. In addition, Nigel French emphasizes timeless typographic principles throughout the training, using real-world design scenarios and examples. Exercise files accompany the training videos, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace.

Topics include:
  • Using a baseline grid Leading, kerning, and tracking How to get great justified type Preventing widows and orphans Hyphenation Indents and spacing En and em dashes Ligatures How to format dates and times Initial and drop caps Tabs and tables Paragraph and character styles Nested styles


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