InDesign CS2 Print Project Workflow

with Ted LoCascio
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InDesign CS2 Print Project Workflow
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It's already a major accomplishment if you've mastered any one of the many applications in the Adobe Creative Suite. It's quite another to know how to use Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Professional, and Adobe Bridge together effectively and efficiently. In InDesign CS2 Print Project Workflow, veteran graphic designer Ted LoCascio guides you through designing and producing a promotional brochure from start to finish. He shares expert techniques for the creation of individual elements in Photoshop and Illustrator - photographs, illustrations, and information graphics - and then brings the project together by importing and laying out these elements in InDesign. Once finished, Ted reveals how to best prepare and manage a design review with a client using Adobe Acrobat Professional. Exercise files accompany the training videos, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace.

Topics include:
  • Setting up the individual applications to work well together Building the document structure in InDesign Preparing the images in Photoshop Creating the graphics in Illustrator Importing the elements into the InDesign document Adding, importing, and formatting the text Importing and formatting tables from Microsoft Word Creating graphics directly in InDesign Client reviews with PDF and Version Cue Preparing the project for output


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