InDesign CS2 Power Shortcuts

with Brian Wood
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InDesign CS2 Power Shortcuts
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You’ve got the InDesign basics down. Now it’s time to speed up your workflow and glide through common tasks by mastering the application’s powerful and sometimes hidden shortcuts. Instructor Brian Wood, a certified Adobe Creative Suite 2 Master, uncovers all these helpful commands and techniques, including basic keyboard and interface shortcuts, as well as little-known navigational, dialog box, and tool shortcuts that will dramatically improve your productivity. This video tutorial discloses all you need to know to become adept at using InDesign’s extensive feature set, giving you more time to be creative.

Topics include:
  • Application, palette, and workspace shortcuts Navigation, dialog box, and tool secrets Mastering the Control palette Type, Paragraph, and Character Style shortcuts Changing fill, stroke, and other layer attributes Graphic editing shortcuts Pages and master page secrets Working more efficiently with Adobe Bridge and the Story Editor


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