2 Impress Getting Started

with David Rivers
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Impress is the slideshow presentation component of, a free, open-source application suite available for Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and Solaris. David Rivers explains everything needed to get up and running quickly in 2 Impress Getting Started, from navigating the interface to presenting a polished slideshow. He shows how to create and arrange slides, modify master slides, and use notes and handouts. David also covers working with slide content, including how to add images, drawings, text, tables, and charts. He demonstrates how to work with native Impress files as well as files from other popular applications, such as PowerPoint. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Choosing a slide background Using the Fontwork gallery Adding slide transitions Exploring navigation options Password-protecting a presentation


Hi and welcome to getting started with OpenOffice 2 Impress - the free presentation slideshow application that's part of the suite of applications. Now, in case you are not aware OpenOffice 2 is the leading open source office software suite for presentations as well as word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, databases and more. Further to that the entire suite is available in a number of different languages and it will work on almost any computer PC or Mac. It stores all your data that is everything that you create with it in an International Open Standard format that's by default. But it can also read and write files from other common office software packages like those found in the Microsoft Office suite of applications such as power point for example. Best of all the entire suite can be downloaded and used completely free of charge for any purpose at all. So, tell your friends and your family.

Make all the copies you need, download it to more than one machine at home or even the office, it's all free. Now, in this title we focus on the presentations application know as Impress. We will cover all the basics to get you up in running and if you are premium subscriber you have access to the exercise files so you can follow along with me. If you don't have the exercise files don't worry about it. You will definitely learn lots just by watching or using your own presentation files. I will be working in a Windows Vista Environment on a PC for this title but you can follow along from any environment. So, without further delay let's get started with OpenOffice 2 Impress.

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