Creative Inspirations: tokidoki, Character Illustrator

with Simone Legno and tokidoki
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Creative Inspirations: tokidoki, Character Illustrator
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The Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand tokidoki, created by Italian artist and designer Simone Legno, started as a set of characters on a personal website and has since exploded into a wildly successful, and internationally recognized collection. tokidoki, Character Illustrator, Creative Inspirations explores Simone's techniques and methods for building some of his popular tokidoki characters using Adobe Illustrator. Take a peek into his sketchbook, and learn how he creates one of his popular skatedecks from start to finish.

Topics include:
  • Lynda Weinman interviews Simone
  • Starting the process with sketches
  • Taking the character from paper to computer
  • Filling in color and shape
  • Define finishing details and production preparation
  • Applying a design to a skate deck
  • Q&A with Simone on branding, his characters, design diversity, and more!

What is tokidoki?

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