Type Project: Art Nouveau Poster

with Nigel French
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Type Project: Art Nouveau Poster
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"For every time its art. For art its freedom." For turn-of-the-century Europe, its art was Art Nouveau, a style hallmarked by curved lines and natural forms like flowers and plants. After a period of respite, Art Nouveau reemerged in a big way in the 1960s and has remained in the designer's repertoire ever since. In this Type Project course, Nigel French shows you how to recreate a type treatment in the Art Nouveau style, using Illustrator, Photoshop, historically appropriate typefaces and colors, and ornamental elements that entwine with the letterforms themselves.

Want more Art Nouveau inspiration? Check out Nigel's Pinterest board at http://www.pinterest.com/nigelfrench/art-nouveau-typography/.



- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Nigel French. Welcome to Type Project: Art Nouveau Poster. In this episode of the Type Project Series, we'll use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to create a typographic treatment inspired by Art Nouveau design. In doing so, we'll look at choosing stylistically appropriate typefaces and colors and how to apply and refine several useful techniques, all of which have applications beyond working in this particular style.

These techniques include how to create a balanced type treatment, how to add a decorative frame, how to add additional decorative elements, and make some of those elements entwined with the letter forms, and finally how to bring the piece to life by adding texture. Let's get started.

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