Technical Illustration: Creating a Cutaway

with Brad Neal
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Technical Illustration: Creating a Cutaway
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Technical Illustration is for illustrators looking to create artwork that's educational and eye-catching and expand their career prospects in this lucrative field. The guitar illustration featured in this installment combines multiple materials with the right level of complexity, showing you how to create a cutaway that is elegant and accurate. Follow along with artist Brad Neal, as he shows how to research your subject, gather reference material, draw your initial line art, and turn it into an immersive, photorealistic drawing with Illustrator and Photoshop. He'll show how to recreate materials like wood, chrome, wire, and plastic, and create a cutaway drawing that exposes both the inner workings of the instrument and its polished veneer.

Topics include:
  • Being technically accurate
  • Choosing your style
  • Researching reference artwork
  • Creating the initial cutaway
  • Working with blends and color
  • Adding grain and final details


- [Voiceover] I'm Brad Neal, and this is Technical Illustration: Creating a Cutaway. Technical illustration by its very name can sound extremely daunting, and sometimes it is. But not always. Often, a basic understanding of the foundational concepts and a little practice, will have one up and illustrating in no time at all. We're gonna be working on a guitar illustration in this course material. I felt the level of complexity was just right. Not too simple, not too complex. And you'll get to experiment building many different materials like wood, chrome, wire, and plastic.

In this course, we'll explore the necessary research, the reference material you'll need, as well as where to start in the illustration process, and how to keep your work organized. We'll also explore some creative techniques that'll transform black and white line art into an immersive, photo realistic finished work. Although I would encourage you to follow the course material carefully, by all means, use your own artistic freedom. Afterall, art is an expression of your own personal gifts and talent.

So let's get started.

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