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Take a 10-minute recess every week and join Bert Monroy in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, the playgrounds of digital artists. Every Friday Bert walks through a fun, self-contained project that tests your skills and challenges the imagination. These programs aren't just image editors; they are sandboxes for creativity and experimentation. Take a spin through a carousel of tools and get reinspired, each and every week.

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Type effects: Wood type

- [Voiceover] This week we're gonna create a little font, a nice font made out of wood, little wooden slats. Now remember it's not what I'm doing that's important, it's how I did it, okay the different steps, a little modification here and there, and you can create something totally different. But the first thing I wanna do is create the actual texture. So I'm gonna create a new layer here, and we'll call it a Texture. There we go. So now what I'll do here is I'll find a nice color, kind of a brownish tone that I want.

Let's say we go with something kinda warm like that. Click OK and make it happen. So I just filled it right there. What I did is is hit Option + Delete, so I filled it with the foreground color. So now for the background color, I'm gonna pick that same color and get a much darker version of it, say down in this area here. A little warmer, and that looks good, right there. So now that I have these two colors and that layer has something in it, the next Filter I'm gonna use is going to take advantage of that, and come in here and say Render, Fibers.

There you can see I've got this nice kind of a thing here. I'm gonna increase the Variance a little bit, right there like that. And the Strength you can play with it. Let's just say that that looks just about right. Click OK and there we have this nice wooden texture. See, there it is. So now what I'm going to do is I'm gonna take this and let's turn it off right now so we can see what I'm gonna do next. I'm gonna select a little Ellipse tool here, and I'm gonna create a little circle, right there. There's my circle right about like, let's say there, okay.

The Properties automatically comes up, but that's okay we don't need that. So what I'm going to do is I'm gonna take this guy and copy him straight down, just copy him straight below like that. Okay, so now what's gonna happen is I'm gonna take these two points, the two points that are right at the bottoms here. Okay, bottom that one and the top, and we'll hit Delete. Okay, don't worry about it, Yes. And the reason for that is because of the fact that I created it with a shape. I'm now turning them into a regular path. So now I'm gonna take my Pen tool and I'm gonna click this guy and go down and click on that guy.

Click on this and click on that. So there I've got this little shape, see? That's gonna be the basic shape of the little slats. So let's go in here and let's take this guy and copy him over. Right here let's just make a second one, right here, right next to it, right there. And this one what I want to do is I want to select just those top points and bring them down to about half the size, right about there. Get them straight down about like that. There we go. So now I might want to take them and kinda just Command + T them and make them a little thinner.

There you go, that looks a little better. There we go. Now that I have this, what I'm going to do is I'm going to take these two shapes right there and I have this material right here, so in a layer right below this I'm gonna create a new Layer and I'm gonna go in there and select those little paths. Let's save that path and turn them into a selection right there, see? And what I'm going to do is I'm going to just right in here in that Texture, I'm gonna send it to a new Layer Via Copy.

That's it. We now have our two little slats. It's that simple. So now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take those two slats, I'm gonna duplicate them, and bring these two that I just created, let's bring them over to the side here. And these I'm gonna make a little darker. So we'll just go into Levels, and we'll just bring them in to a little darker tone like this and those other tones there, so we have a different kind of wood. And if we'd like, we can take this original one here, this other one, let's say we have Auto-Select, click on this and we might want to go into Hue/Saturation and kinda saturate it a little more.

Give it a little more tone like that and maybe lighten it just a little bit, and a little more tone. Click OK. There, now we have totally different woods. Now the lights are in one layer and the darks are in a totally different layer. So now we can start to form the words. So what I'm going to do here is start making little words. Now we can get this stuff one step further now. Let's go in here and just double click on this and give it a little Bevel & Emboss.

Right there you can see there's a nice little Bevel & Emboss. Let's not use a white. Let's use kind of a warm tone, about like this. There we go, more like that. There we go, that looks good. And this black that's fine, but we can soften it up just a little bit right there. And let's increase the Opacity on the highlight and the Shading comes over just a little bit to that angle. There we go, you can see that. A little more Depth, there we go. So now we have this nice little three-dimensional quality to it.

I'm gonna bring that over to the other guy as well. There we go, now they both have those nice little highlights. Okay, so now we're gonna start to form the letters. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take right here, I'm in this layer, I'm gonna take this guy and I'm just gonna kinda drag him over, make a cut and cut him off of here and bring him right over to here. Right, and then what's gonna happen is just take this guy and kind of bring him over here, so get him out of our way for now. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to take this guy and just give it a little rotation. Rotate him about like that.

That's gonna be good. Now I'm gonna copy him straight over. Let's have another one right there like that. So now the dark one. I'm gonna select the dark piece right there, drag it over, put it right there, and I'm gonna rotate that. Let's say from this angle right here, I'm gonna rotate it over and there we go. Put it right in there like that, and we can just kinda, nope, that's good. Make it happen. There we go.

So now I'm gonna take the darks and put them in the back. They look better in the back. There you go, that looks good. Now you see what's starting to happen? So I'm gonna go in there and just take the guy right there and copy him over so we have the W. Now the Os, okay, well, let's just say that we need some more space here, or we could just make the whole thing smaller. Let's just take these guys, take them both, Command + T them, and just make them smaller. It's that easy. Okay, there they are. So now I'm gonna go in here and take my dark tones and start forming the other letters.

So we've got this guy right here. We're in the darks, so I'm gonna select it and put them right into position. Make sure we have only one guy is there. Put them in position right there and copy them. Let's get this guy out. Okay, and grab this guy and copy him straight over, right there like that. So now we get that light guy up here, this guy. So I'm gonna grab him, put him in position there, Command + T and rotate him from right there straight over.

There we go and we could possibly make him a little longer. No problem there. There it is and we're gonna copy him straight down. Okay, so now we can take those, copy them straight over, and the two darks, straight over, and there it is starting to get there. So now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take one of these light colored ones here from the light stack, drag him over and straighten him back up, and put him in position right about there.

And we might want to make him a little bit taller and rotate him just slightly. Okay, there he is. Put him right there. So now what we'll do is we'll take this little dark guy and we'll drag him right up into here and rotate him. Command + T, rotate him from right there, and bring him out about like that.

Make that happen. And we drag him down here, and this one down here we say do a little Flip Vertical, and bring it up into position right there like that. So then we take a smaller version of this guy. So we have the little guys right here. Take this guy right here, drag him over, and we do a little rotation on him. This time I hold my Shift key to constrain it, and put it right there.

There you can see we have some nice little wooden type. Now one last thing is I'm gonna put here in a layer on top, I'm gonna create a little tiny circle, a little circle. In fact I'll just make a selection like so and in that new layer I'm gonna call this the Bolts, and I'm just gonna fill it with gray. Let's fill that with a little gray, right there. Make that happen. Okay so now that I got them, I'm gonna go in there and copy them to each one of these joints.

Let's come straight over and over here. Now here he's gotta be a little higher, so we just kinda grab him over and up there like that. That's good. Straight over here, straight over there, and straight there. This guy we'll bring down just a tad. Make a copy there, straight down, straight over, and these guys we could just grab all these guys right here. Just bring them straight down, make a copy straight down, right there like that.

And then finally these two guys. Make copies of them, straight down here. Now they're all in their own layer so what I'm going to do to that is I'm going to double click on it and give that a little Bevel & Emboss. See, now all of a sudden they got a little tone. But here we're gonna go and switch back to white. There we go, so we have this little white there and we'll make it a little bit bigger a tiny bit so it's nice little things like that. Soften it up just a little. Give them a little Drop Shadow. There we go so this has got this little shadow in there just like that.

Click OK. Now I'm gonna duplicate them. Right behind is another set behind. What I gonna do with that one is I'm gonna go in there and give it that same Bevel & Emboss but make sure the Use Global Light is off and turn to the opposite direction and set that to an Outer Bevel, and now you can see we have a little indentation in the wood right in there. So I'm gonna go in there and here I'm gonna make the size just a little smaller, a little tighter, and we can go back to a nice beige for that color there.

And let's bring up the Depth and let's bring up that Shadow really tight in there. Click OK, and there you can see that we have this nice little word wood made out of nice little slats of wood.

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