Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Advanced

with Deke McClelland
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Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Advanced
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This course is the third in a four-part series devoted to mastering the premiere graphics creation application, Adobe Illustrator, version CS6. Industry pro Deke McClelland takes a project-based learning approach to the key features in Illustrator, including Recolor Artwork, transparency, masks, blend modes, strokes and fills, and dynamic effects. The course also covers techniques for creating custom gradients, designing logos, generating photorealistic neon text, and wrapping type around objects. Plus, Deke shows how to call up the most essential features by organizing your workspace and employing time-saving keyboard shortcuts, how to manage the color settings, and how to adjust a few settings to make the program work even better.

Topics include:
  • Installing dekeKeys, Deke's free custom keyboard shortcuts
  • Understanding the color-managed workflow
  • Creating a multicolor blend
  • Establishing a clipping mask
  • Blending different levels of opacity
  • Combining a letterform with a path outline
  • Warping logo type around a circle
  • Adding neon blur and bokeh in Photoshop
  • Mixing and matching color harmonies
  • Recoloring artwork
  • Working with the Calligraphic, Scatter, and Art Brushes
  • Creating translucency
  • Editing attributes in the Appearance panel
  • Adjusting and updating dynamic effects

Welcome to One-on-One

- Hello, I'm Deke McClelland. Welcome to Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Advanced. Part three in a series of four video courses devoted to your ultimate mastery of the world's most powerful vector-based drawing software. This course, and the larger one-on-one series, is all about project-based learning. That is to say you learn by doing. And by actually experiencing Illustrator firsthand, you'll be better equipped to create your own artwork in the future.

In this course, I'll show you how to create custom gradients and color fountains using blends and masks. I'll show you how to create custom logos, wrap type around around a circle, and even make photorealistic neon text. I'll show you how to recolor your artwork in a matter of minutes, using one of the most powerful features in Illustrator, Recolor Artwork. I'll show you everything you need to know about transparency and blend modes. I'll show you how to combine multiple fills and strokes to create extraordinary effects in the appearance panel.

And I'll introduce you to the honestly breathtaking world of dynamic effects. The result is a contextualized learning program. Illustrator's features make sense because you apply them to a clearly defined task. And you leave each chapter with a real sense of accomplishment. I hope there are moments where you feel, "I rule! "I did this, and I can do more." Now that you're an advanced student, you're ready to move through Illustrator without anything getting in your way. This means three things: First, you need some new shortcuts, ones that'll call up Illustrator's most essential features without you having to fumble through menus.

Second, you need to know how to adjust a few preference settings to make the program behave. And third, you need to take advantage of the best color settings that Illustrator, and the larger Creative Suite, have to offer. In this first movie, I'll introduce you to my custom keyboard shortcuts. After that, I'll show you how to make Illustrator the best that it can be.

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