Creative Quick Tips: Using Text Wrapping in Illustrator

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How to use text wrapping in Illustrator

Hey there, my name is Justin Seeley and I want to welcome you back to another installment of Creative Quick Tips. This time around, we're talking about Adobe Illustrator and how to create wrapped text objects like this inside of Adobe Illustrator. You might not have even known that this is possible, but it really is. It's almost exactly like InDesign, with a few small quirks along the way. So let's take a look at exactly how I accomplished this layout that we're looking at here. First things first, I'm going to switch over to a clone of that other document, just without the images. And we're going to start bringing the images in to this document.

So first things first, what I'm going to do is I'm just going to open up the images. So we've got, and I'll open that up. And then instead of just opening the document, I'm just going to place in the image file. So I'm just going to go File > Place. And small cup. And we'll just place this somewhere on the art board like so. So for this one, what I'm going to do is just position it wherever it is that I want it to go, something like that. And then all you have to do is go up to the Object menu, choose Text Wrap, and select Make.

Now the deal here is that when you do this, you have to make sure the object that you're working with is on top of the text And also the text doesn't actually wrap, you're causing the text to wrap with the Object Wrap. Now if you want to change the options of this text wrap you go to Object>Text Wrap>Text Wrap Options, and then you can preview and increase is decrease the space around said object. So like ten points. You can also invert the wrap, probably not the best idea for this layout, but once you get that hit OK and there you go.

Now what if we wanted to create something that sort of flows around the outside of this cup? Cmd or Ctrl+c to copy this, then we'll just close that doc. And then we'll come back over here, paste this on the artboard, I'll move this over to the right-hand side a little bit, and I'll increase the size. And then what we're going to do is just go to Object>Text Wrap>Make, and there you go. Everything wraps around that object and you can see as I move it around on screen, the text just flows with it. So, I'll put it right in position where I want it, something like that.

Of course, you could clip off the edge of that with a clipping mask And make it look like it was just part of the document. You can move this around however you chose, but this makes Illustrator I think a more formidable opponent in the layout space for small fliers, business cards, etc. So if you're comfortable inside of Illustrator as opposed to something more complicated like InDesign, maybe you should try out this feature and see if it helps you in your page layout designs.

How to use text wrapping in Illustrator
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How to use text wrapping in Illustrator provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by Justin Seeley as part of the Creative Quick Tips

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