Designing a Logo for a Media Company

with Nigel French
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Designing a Logo for a Media Company
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In this short project course, Nigel French reviews the creative brief for a fictional media company and explains how to approach the challenges presented when creating a company logo. The course covers the preliminary research and sketching phases before exploring numerous potential solutions with Adobe Illustrator.

Topics include:
  • Understanding what makes a good logo
  • Assessing the scope of the job and your client's needs
  • Developing ideas in Illustrator
  • Presenting concepts to clients
  • Creating print- and screen-ready logos


- Hi, I'm Nigel French. Welcome to Design Projects, Designing a Logo for a Media Company. A few years ago I recorded a course for, Designing a Logo. I'm very happy that it's proved a popular title. This course is a companion piece. We're looking at creating a logo and several variants of that logo for a start-up video production company, Red 30 Media. While this is a fictional client, I will be going through all the steps of creating the logo, from the initial client meeting all the way through to preparing the final logo files for use in print and on screen.

I'll be sharing my thought processes and methodology and showing you my ideas, even the bad ones, so that you can see how, through a process of refinement and reworking and collaboration, we can ultimately drill down to an effective design solution. Let's get started with Designing a Logo for a Media Company.

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