Designing a Logo for a Band

with Nigel French
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Designing a Logo for a Band
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A great band deserves a great logo. Think about The Grateful Dead's dancing bears or The Rolling Stones' "hot lips." Or even The Beatles: their famous logo is just a simple text-based design with a drop T. As a designer, your responsibility is to come up with a variety of logo ideas for your clients and hone in on and finesse the best one. In this course, Nigel French uses a client brief from Brooklyn-based band Shy Hunters, and shows how to evolve rough sketches into great logo designs, anchored by typography and highlighted with imagery. He also shows how to prepare variations on the design and format the logo for different uses, such as print, websites, and social media.

Want more information about building a solid logo? Check out Nigel's Designing a Logo course.

Topics include:
  • Exploring type casing, weight, and alignment
  • Evaluating typefaces
  • Adding an enclosing shape or lines
  • Presenting different ideas to clients
  • Choosing colors
  • Fine-tuning the design
  • Saving separate versions of the logo


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Nigel French. Welcome to Designing a Band Logo. I'll be taking you through the steps of designing a logo for Brooklyn-based indie rock band, Shy Hunters. Starting with the design brief, I'll be sharing the process of how I arrived at the finished logo from rough sketches to evolving the idea through typographic exploration, to combining the type with imagery. As well as the evolution of the finished concept, we'll be looking at other ideas that developed along the way.

While the course is specifically about creating a band logo, it's more broadly about logo design in general. Generating, choosing, and honing ideas, and finessing those ideas until the best possible solution is reached. To finish the project I'll show how to prepare the different versions of the logo for four color and spot color printing, as well as for use on screen. Let's get started.

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