Creating Infographics with Illustrator

with Mordy Golding
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Creating Infographics with Illustrator
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Infographics provide a unique way to visualize your data and trace the story behind it. Join author Mordy Golding in this course as he introduces you to designing charts, graphs, and other infographics in Adobe Illustrator. Mordy reveals five key components to a great information design, and shows how to determine which of the types of graphs available in Illustrator is right for your data. The final chapter takes you step-by-step through the creation of an infographic about renewable energy, using charts, tables, patterns, and text. Plus, Mordy demonstrates how to maximize your export options by creating a file with multiple layers and artboards.

Topics include:
  • Visualizing data vs. presenting data
  • Understanding the anatomy of an Illustrator graph
  • Formatting data with Illustrator
  • Defining the scale for charts
  • Adding numeric values
  • Designing your own chart from scratch
  • Creating simple icons
  • Building line, bar, column, and matching-scale charts
  • Adding a table with threaded text
  • Creating a layered PDF for distribution


- [Voiceover] Hi there, my name is Mordy Golding and I'd like to welcome you to Creating Infograhics with Adobe Illustrator. You know, at first blush, math and design seem to be polar opposites. But when carefully brought together the result is often a powerful image that clearly conveys information in a beautiful way. Readers are mesmerized and become engrossed in the details, making it possible to communicate a large amount of information to audiences across both print and interactive mediums.

Int this course, we'll start by exploring some key concepts that will help you understand what it takes to build beautiful and effective infographics. Then, we'll dive into Illustrator and discover the often misunderstood and underused graph and charting features. Finally, we'll work together on a project, building an infographic step by step, so that you can get some real world experience while you learn. Join me as we learn all about creating beautiful infographics with Adobe Illustrator.

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