Animated Character Design with Illustrator

with Angie Taylor
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Animated Character Design with Illustrator
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This workshop from author and animator Angie Taylor teaches how to use Illustrator's tools and features to prepare 2D files for animation in Adobe After Effects. Discover how to make the most of Illustrator's drawing tools and Autotrace feature, and to how use Live Paint and Kuler to recolor artwork. Plus, get a ton of tips and tricks for giving artwork a hand-drawn look and find out how to set up layers, aspect ratios, and transparency options for importing into After Effects. The lessons are focused and solution-oriented, and all the project files are included.

Topics include:
  • Setting up the work area
  • Bringing artwork into Illustrator
  • Tracing artwork manually
  • Creating complex shapes
  • Working with paths
  • Using Live Trace
  • Coloring artwork
  • Applying 3D effects
  • Exporting artboards
  • Options for saving files
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- Hi, I'm Angie Taylor, author, illustrator, and motion graphic designer. I use Adobe Illustrator on a daily basis for designing characters for my animations. If you're interested in learning about my techniques, and Illustrator's extensive drawing capabilities, then this course is for you. The tutorials are pitched somehwere between basic and intermediate level; you don't need to be an expert at Illustrator to follow along, but a basic working knowledge of Illustrator will help. Topics include how to set up the workspace for video and animation, using multiple art boards for creating storyboards, and taking advantage of views and workspaces. You'll also learn various techniques for drawing freehand in Illustrator, using a variety of tools including the new improved Eraser tool, the Reshape tools, and the wonderful Blob Brush tool.

We'll also take a look at Live Trace, Cooler, and Live Paint, three amazing tools to speed up the process of creating artwork for animation, in Adobe After Effects. I hope that after watching these tutorials, and following along with the exercises, you'll love Illustrator just as much as I do

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