Illustrator CS5 One-on-One: Fundamentals

with Deke McClelland
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Illustrator CS5 One-on-One: Fundamentals
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Illustrator is the gold-standard vector graphics program that is deep and complex. Fortunately, nobody knows the software like award-winning book and video author Deke McClelland. Join Deke as he explores such indispensable features as artboards, layers, line art, transformations, and the Pen tool. Gain expertise with real-world projects that makes sense. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Creating great art using basic tools
  • Brushing and building organic artwork
  • Scaling and rotating path outlines
  • Creating and formatting text
  • Drawing articulated paths with the Pen tool
  • Combining paths with Pathfinder operations
  • Printing and exporting to the web

Welcome to Illustrator CS5 One-on-One

- Hi, I'm Deke McCelland, hello and welcome to Illustrator CS5 One on One, my cradle to grave, everything you need to know series on Adobe Illustrator, including all new project files and exercises. As the name One on One implies, I walk you through Illustrator as if I were teaching it to you in a classroom or corporate consulting environment, except that instead of getting lost in a crowd of students, you receive my individualized attention, it's just you and me, one on one.

Illustrator is an enormous, endlessly powerful application, and there's a lot to know. Fortunately, it's all infinitely knowable stuff as long as you learn it in a right order and at the right pace, which is why I've broken Illustrator CS5 One on One into three parts. In this, Part One Fundamentals, I'll introduce you to the essential topics, the stuff that everyone needs to know. I'll start by showing you how to make a new document and work with multiple art boards. You'll see how to manage your illustrations and other assets in the Adobe Bridge.

I'll show you how to draw line art and work with the geometric shape tools which make quick work of creating simple but elegant designs. In chapter six, Paint, Build and Transform, we'll create a photo accurate piece of artwork from scratch. Then I'll demonstrate Illustrator CS5's new stroking options. I'll show you the drawing feature that first put Illustrator on the map, the pen tool, we'll see how to combine simple paths to create more complex ones using pathfinder operations, and we'll wrap things up with a look at printing and exporting graphics to the web.

If that sounds like a lot, it is, but it's just the first blossom of Illustrator's captivating garden of features. In later parts, I'll lead you into the advanced topics, the ones that are most likely to expand your creative range in the shortest amount of time. By the end, you'll have seen everything Illustrator has to offer, this is no tips and tricks course. I'm going to make sure you understand how Illustrator works and how you work with it. One on One is your chance to go from zero to 60 in one big, over-arching and consistently presented series, one easy to ingest movie at a time.

This is Adobe Illustrator at its best.

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