Illustrator CS5 for Web and Interactive Design

with Mordy Golding
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Illustrator CS5 for Web and Interactive Design
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In Illustrator CS5 Web and Interactive Design, Mordy Golding shows how to create pixel-perfect graphics for use in web sites, video compositions, and mobile apps. This course covers a wide range of workflows, from creating online ad campaigns, web sites, icons, to taking art from Illustrator to Flash Professional. Sharing tips, tricks, and creative techniques along the way, Mordy provides insight and instruction for taking projects from initial concept straight through to production. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Getting perfectly sized pixel graphics from Illustrator
  • Setting up preferences in Illustrator for web design
  • Creating custom document profiles
  • Getting great color on the web
  • Understanding web graphic file formats (GIF, JPG, PNG, SWF, and SVG)
  • Setting great-looking type
  • Slicing artwork for various tasks
  • Creating Flash animations directly from Illustrator
  • Working with Photoshop Smart Objects
  • Exporting HTML and CSS from Illustrator
  • Integrating with Flash Catalyst


My name is Mordy Golding, and welcome to Illustrator CS5 for Web and Interactive Design. If you're here, I'm assuming that you already have a working knowledge of Illustrator CS5. If not, I'll suggest that you first take a look at Illustrator CS5 Essential Training here in the lynda. com Online Training Library. Throughout this presentation, I'll show you how to create crisp, pixel-perfect graphics for use in web sites, desktop applications, and mobile apps as well. I'll also show you how to design cool and functional interactive content for the Adobe Flash platform.

We'll get started by taking a look at the basics. Understanding key web concepts like resolution, pixel dimensions, and anti-aliasing. Then we'll learn key strategies on how to set up files correctly, how to take advantage of time-saving features like multiple artboards, slicing, symbols and graphic styles, how to add cool effects like reflections, and also how to make your text look great. We'll even cover how to create quick and easy SWF animations directly from Illustrator. Perhaps most importantly, we'll talk about web design workflows. So that you can bring your artwork from Illustrator into other applications, including Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash Professional, Flash Catalyst, and even Flash Builder.

So if you're ready to learn how to expand your creative talents, and I know you are, then let's get started with learning how to design graphics for the web and for interactive applications with Adobe Illustrator CS5.

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Q: In the chapter 5 movie, "Simulating the CSS box model," the author details the CSS box, but names the inner portion the margin and the outer portion the padding. This is reversed from what I’ve have seen elsewhere. Is this an error in the video?
A: This video does indeed contain an error where the author describes the margin and padding. The padding should be described as the area inside the border, and the margin the area outside the border.
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