Bert Monroy: The Making of Times Square, The Techniques

with Bert Monroy
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Bert Monroy: The Making of Times Square, The Techniques
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Take a virtual journey to the bustling streets of New York in Bert Monroy: The Making of Times Square. Digital painter Bert Monroy reveals how he created the minute details that build the impressive 108,000 x 21,600 pixels, 25-feet wide photorealistic portrait of this iconic intersection.

In this installment, The Techniques, Bert shows the steps he took in Photoshop and Illustrator to create the lifelike detail in his incredible portrait of Times Square. The course follows him as he paints in steam, reflections, shadows, materials like fabric and metal, spot lights and neon light, and even 3D objects such as store logos and M&M'S. Bert shows how digital artists can recreate these effects at home, backwards engineering his artwork with painstaking attention to the tools and commands he used to get there.

Topics include:
  • Working with reference materials
  • Understanding Bert's alpha channel technique
  • Creating complex reflections
  • Adding fabric and other textures to objects
  • Establishing perspective
  • Using advanced blending techniques
  • Creating patterns
  • Working with Live Trace
  • Creating 3D letters
Illustrator Photoshop


- In this installment, we're gonna look at the techniques that I developed with the creation of my painting Times Square. A lot of these techniques will involve things like for instance, right here, going in there and creating these reflections in the glass. Or something as simple as this little traffic light right here. Now these techniques are going to employ all of the tools that we learned about in the tools installment, because here instead of just a brush stroke we're gonna combine that brush stroke with a layer style and possibly a mask from an alpha channel to create a very dramatic effect. Now again, you might never have to create an element like this one, but it's what I did to create that glow and the little reflections on the elements around it that might come in really useful in your particular work flow.

So let's go now and look at these techniques and hopefully they will inspire you to let your imagination go wild and create some really cool stuff.

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