Bert Monroy: The Making of Times Square, The People

with Bert Monroy
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Bert Monroy: The Making of Times Square, The People
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Take a virtual journey to the bustling streets of New York in Bert Monroy: The Making of Times Square. Digital painter Bert Monroy reveals how he created the minute details that build the impressive 108,000 x 21,600 pixel, 25-foot wide photorealistic portrait of this iconic intersection.

In this installment, The People, Bert illustrates how he created the hyperrealistic portrayals of the dozens of people inhabiting his painting, many of which he drew from real-life friends and family. The course shows how to construct eyes, lips, ears, and other facial features, paint natural looking skin, add hair, apply makeup, and create fabric folds, stitching, and texture to emulate clothing. Bert shows how digital artists can recreate these effects at home, using the tools in Photoshop and Illustrator and a little imagination.

Topics include:
  • Creating life-like facial features, such as noses, teeth, lips
  • Understanding the structure of the mouth
  • Creating facial contours
  • Adding details such as fingernails
  • Using a Cintiq to create realistic hair
  • Creating beard stubble
  • Creating the look of stitched denim
  • Adding ribbing to a t-shirt
Illustrator Photoshop


- In this installment I'm going to talk about the work flow that I employed, in the creation of the people that populate the streets of Times Square. And there's a few hundred people there. Of which 150 of them are recognizable. Let's zoom right here to the central area, where I see Myself. I'm taking a picture of my wife. What I'm gonna teach you here is all the steps that went into creating these people here, and making them look real. Things like the hair. Whether it's loose and flowing, tied, or heavily gelled. All the tools and techniques that went into that is what you're going to learn here.

We're gonna talk about the eyes, how to make them shimmer and come to life. How to make the lips look moist. How to get the contours of the face which really describe the features of a person and make them look like who they are. Their clothing, how the folds of the fabric just flows on the body. These are all techniques that you're gonna learn in this installment. Now keep in mind that the techniques can be applied in other ways. A slight change here and there, can totally change the effect. So lets go in there and look at these techniques, see the work flow, see all the different tools that are employed to make these people come to life.

And see what kind of population you can create.

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