Illustrator CS3 One-on-One: Beyond the Basics

with Deke McClelland
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Illustrator CS3 One-on-One: Beyond the Basics
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After learning the essentials of how to draw and reshape paths in Adobe Illustrator CS3, the fun really begins. In Illustrator CS3 One-on-One: Beyond the Basics, computer graphics expert Deke McClelland explores some of Illustrator's most powerful and least known features. He covers merging simple shapes to create complex ones with the Pathfinder palette and distorting shapes to create eye-catching effects using envelopes and the Liquify tool. Deke also teaches users how to paint fluid, multicolor fills with gradient mesh, blends, and masks, as well as how to create versatile type effects using the Type tool and the vector-based brushes. The training ends with two of the deepest and most useful features in all of Illustrator--transparency and live effects. Exercise files accompany the tutorial.


Welcome to Illustrator CS3 One-on-One: Beyond the Basics

Hi, this is Deke McClelland, here to welcome you to Part 2 of my in-depth look at Adobe Illustrator, which I call Illustrator CS3 One-on-One. It's our chance to spend some quality time together, discussing one of the most amazing vector-based drawing programs on the planet. Have you ever spent an evening with a really great friend wrapped up in a passionate discussion about Dostoevsky or Proust or such recent thought innovators as Ludacris? It's just like that. Except in place of those legendary philosophers, substituted Adobe Illustrator CS3, and in place of that really great friend, substitute me, and it ain't no evening baby.

It's 28 solid hours of intense video training. As Dostoevsky himself would have said, it's time to shake, shake, shake your Illustrator. The Chapters in Part 2 of this series cover some of Illustrators most exciting features. The features that I find even long time users of the program often don't know about. Things like Envelop Style Distortions, Gradient Mesh, Natural Media Art brushes, Knockout Groups, Opacity Mask, the Flattener Preview pallet and Live Effects, tough and old but still very relevant standard, such as Blends, Masks and Text, and you have a solid body of knowledge that will increase the quality and quantity of your art work.

Learn this stuff and you will know more about Illustrator than anybody else around you, I guarantee it. The topic of this chapter, Chapter 09 in the grand order of things is Pathfinder Operations. Pathfinders allow you to combine simple objects to create more complex ones. A line and plus in the lips is a musical note. Two circles next to each other in a triangle underneath becomes a Valentine. A circle minus a smaller off set circle becomes a crescent moon. A door, some dry wall and a couple of windows, not to mention some electrical pluming, heating, AC, roofing, and a really big loan makes a house.

These are all Pathfinder Operations, and they are amazing time savers one in all. To get a sense of how they work, keep watching.

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