Illustrator CS2 Essential Training

with Jeff Van West
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Illustrator CS2 Essential Training
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Illustrator artwork appears everywhere. Magazine ads, cereal boxes, maps, scientific diagrams, children's book illustrations, and even fine art are often created using Illustrator. And yet, for all its power and complexity, anyone can master Illustrator by learning a few key concepts. Illustrator CS2 Essential Training with Jeff Van West shows new and intermediate users how these simple concepts work together and relate to the complete suite of Illustrator tools. Training begins with basic drawing, coloring, and editing, then advances to transparency, type, advanced path tools, special effects, and much more. Tips and specific examples that teach users how to improve workflows and maximize productivity are also included. This training is flexible, so experienced Illustrator artists can go directly to the movies on features new to CS2, while beginning students can watch all of the movies in progression. Exercise files accompany the training, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace.



>>Hi. I'm Jeff Van West, and thanks for your interest in Adobe Illustrator CS2. Illustrator is an amazing application capable of taking images from your mind's eye and bringing them to life on the page or on the screen, but it is also huge. We couldn't cover every single feature in depth, in even a dozen hour's of movies. So instead, what we'll do is we'll look at every major feature, how it operates, and make sure you understand both the how and the why. With that logic in hand, you can then go on to figure out quite a few of the details on your own, or with the help of other Illustrator professionals in the incredible Adobe Illustrator online community- definitely a resource worth checking out.

A couple tidbits to help you get the most out of these movies as you're viewing them and working with them- they are individual movies, so you can skip around and go directly to a movie that has the content you're interested in, but be aware, they do build concepts from the beginning of the chapter towards the end. So if there's something that's unclear, go back and see whether it was covered in an earlier movie. If you do choose to work with the exercise files, they are divided into chapters as well, but some of the files are used in subsequent movies.

So you may start a movie and see something on the screen that doesn't match exactly what you have in your exercise file. It might have happened in an earlier movie. To help with the exercise files, there are labels at the beginning of each movie, telling you the directory, the path to where that exercise file is found. It is possible that some of those files won't have exactly the same file name that you see in the movie. If you follow the label, though, you should do just fine, and then finally, remember that they're movies.

So if you want to, you can stop, pause, rewind, and play it again any time something isn't clear right off the bat. Go back, listen to it a second time at your own pace, and it'll probably make sense. All right, that's enough preamble. Let's get going and see what's new in Illustrator CS2.

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Q: While following the exercises in Illustrator CS2 Essential Training, the arrow keys are not functioning as the instructor describes for spirals and grids in Chapter 4, "Basic Shapes." Why is Illustrator CS2 not responding like it should?
A: If the steps are being followed correctly, the arrow keys should respond as shown. Make sure to use the keys exactly as instructed in the video. With the Spiral tool selected, click and hold where you want to place the spiral and press the up arrow to create more curves, down arrow to create less. With the Grid tool selected, click and hold where you want to place the grid and use the left and right arrow keys to create increase or reduce the number of columns and the up and down arrows to change the numbers of rows.
Another possible explanation is a known issue with CS2 and Snow Leopard. Adobe CS2 is not fully functional when used in the Snow Leopard operating system on a Mac.
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