Illustrator CS2 Creative Techniques

with Ted LoCascio
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Illustrator CS2 Creative Techniques
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In Illustrator CS2 Creative Techniques, instructor and graphic designer Ted LoCascio shares his tricks and techniques for creating imaginative and inventive effects and projects. Ted walks you through creating special effects on text, adding depth and texture to your illustrations, and creating buttons and professional bar charts. This training title also features tutorials that reveal strategies behind challenging projects, such as drawing clear items (water drops and glass), 3D objects, smoke, chrome, and reflections.

Topics include:
  • Creative text effects Placing a photo inside text Creating highlights and shadows with Opacity Masks Creating depth with an embossed style Creating a sketch, watercolor, or scratchboard effect Creating vector art using Live Trace and Live Paint How to make bubbles, bottles, water and smoke Extrusion: From curve to bell Mocking up a product and label design Using Illustrator for page or cover design


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