Creating Photo Books with Blurb

with Jan Kabili
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Creating Photo Books with Blurb
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Creating Photo Books with Blurb presents three separate workflows for creating and publishing books that showcase photographs using the Blurb self-publishing service. The course starts with an exploration of photo bookmaking in BookSmart, Blurb's free desktop software, then shows how to make a simple photo book in Bookify, Blurb's online bookmaking service. The course also covers Blurb's PDF to Book plug-in for use with custom books created in Adobe InDesign, as well as information on ordering copies of photo books and selling them in the Blurb online bookstore.

Topics include:
  • Planning a photo book
  • Color managing photos for BookSmart
  • Laying out pages in BookSmart
  • Troubleshooting image size in BookSmart
  • Importing photos to Bookify
  • Adding, deleting, and moving pages in Bookify
  • Downloading and installing Blurb's InDesign plug-in
  • Uploading a PDF to Blurb
  • Ordering and selling photo books


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Jan Kabili, your instructor for Creating Photo Books with Blurb. Many photographers, both pros and amateurs have dreamed of seeing their photographs published in a printed, bound book. Until recently, that goal has been out of reach for most of us. But now digital technologies are making it technically possible and relatively affordable for almost anyone to self-publish a photo book. Which can run the gamut from professional photography portfolios to a simple book of family photos. In this course, I'll show you how to create, publish, and get started selling your own photo books using tools offered by Blurb.

Blurb is an online company that's become a hit with a wide range of creative folks. From design and photography professionals to casual users, who are just intrigued by the idea of sharing their personal photographs with family and friends in the special form of a book. One reason Blurb is so popular is that it offers more than one bookmaking tool. So no matter how much experience, skill, and time you have, there's a bookmaking process that will work for you. This course covers three different workflows for creating a Blurb book. Bookify, BookSmart, and an introduction to PDF To Book.

Another reason Blurb is so popular is that in addition to bookmaking tools, it offers services for ordering books online, for printing books on demand, and even a bookstore for selling your books. All of which we'll look at in this course. I'm sure you're eager to get started making your first photo book, whether it's a big coffee table book of your best photos, or a small softcover book to give as a gift. So let's get started learning how to create photo books with Blurb.

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