HTML5 Projects: Customized Photo Cards

with Joseph Lowery
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HTML5 Projects: Customized Photo Cards
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The HTML5 Projects series puts HTML5, CSS3, and recent JavaScript API technologies to work—enhancing your web projects with interactivity and multimedia. This first installment shows you how to build an online application for creating personalized photo cards with user-uploaded imagery. Author Joseph Lowery shows how to create the form interface and introduces HTML5 features such as drag-and-drop file upload and interactive image manipulation.

Topics include:
  • Creating a form
  • Uploading images
  • Preparing the stage
  • Manipulating photos interactively
  • Saving photo cards
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HTML JavaScript CSS


Hi! Joe Lowery here to welcome you to HTML5 and UX: Customized Photo Cards. This course brings several major players from the HTML5 scene onto the stage. First, we'll set up a cutting edge file upload system. Once the files have been transferred, your site visitors will be able to interactively manipulate them by resizing, reshaping, and repositioning them. And what good is a custom image if you can't show it to your friends? We'll close up the course by making it possible to save the customized imagery, so it can be shared however you like.

This course is sure to get your UX juices flowing when you see what you can do with the latest HTML5 and JavaScript API technologies. Let's get to it!

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