HTML5 for Flash Developers

with Lee Brimelow
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HTML5 for Flash Developers
Video duration: 0s 3h 16m Beginner


In this course, Lee Brimelow shows Flash developers how to create dynamic content in the browser using HTML5, CSS, and other related technologies. The course compares ActionScript and JavaScript and covers building animations using the Canvas element and CSS3 transitions, incorporating video and audio, and manipulating 3D content with WebGL.

Topics include:
  • Understanding HTML5 browser support
  • Creating class files and animation loops
  • Comparing Canvas and BitmapData
  • Drawing dynamic graphics
  • Exploring DOM animation
  • Understanding CSS3 design properties
  • Using CSS animations and transforms
  • Understanding WebGL
  • Using Adobe Edge and the CreateJS library
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Flash Professional HTML


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Lee Brimelow, and welcome to HTML5 for Flash Developers. In this course, I'm gonna show you how to transition your existing Flash development skills to the exciting new world of HTML5. I'll cover the differences between ActionScript and JavaScript, how to program and animate the HTML5 canvas element, incorporate video and audio, create 3-D content using WebGL, animate using CSS3 and more. So sit back and enjoy HTML5 for Flash Developers.

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