HTML5 Power Workshop

with Andy Olsen
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HTML5 Power Workshop
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In this course, part of his series of titles on HTML5 and CSS3, author and expert Andy Olsen looks at advanced topics like geolocation, mobile development, web sockets, Web SQL, and web workers. You'll also learn how to communicate between pages downloaded from different servers and how to use the new Ajax features in XMLHttpRequest Level 2. After completing this workshop, developers be well equipped to start utilizing the powerful features of HTML5.

Topics include:
  • Using the Communications API
  • Understanding geolocation
  • Getting and watching the current position
  • Using web workers and WebSockets
  • Implementing mobile web user interfaces
  • Managing data in a mobile web application
  • Working offline
  • Using Web SQL
  • Using drag-and-drop
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Andy Olsen, and welcome to this course on HTML5 APIs. I'm a freelance consultant, instructor, and web developer based in South Wales, and I spend most of my time these days visiting companies telling them how to get the best out of HTML5. We're gonna cover a lot of really powerful features in this course. First of all, we'll see how to use the communications API to allow documents to communicate with each other in many and varied interesting ways. Then, we'll take a look at the geolocation API, which allows a web application to deduce its location on our planet.

Moving along, we'll see how to achieve multithreading using web workers, and how to communicate between a browser and a web server using web sockets. Of course, many browsers these days are actually mobile devices, such as smart phones. So we'll also see how to write some HTML5 web pages for mobile devices. To round things off, we'll take a look at some additional fun features including Web SQL, offline working, and drag-and-drop. HTML5's so powerful. It's a complete transformation in the way we write web applications.

I'm really excited about HTML5 and I hope you are too. So it's time to dive in and take a look at the details.

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