HTML5: File API in Depth

with Joe Marini
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HTML5: File API in Depth
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Join author Joe Marini as he demonstrates how to use the HTML5 File API to perform file-related operations from within a web page, including manipulating files, reading and accessing data within files, and retrieving information about files. The course also covers how to complete tasks that were previously only possible with native code, such as picture processing, file conversion, and content checking.

Topics include:
  • Providing an overview of the File API interfaces
  • Using the File Input form element
  • Working with multiple files
  • Using drag and drop
  • Reading data as text
  • Using File API event handlers
  • Reading file slices
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Joe Marini and I'd like to welcome you to HTML5 File API In Depth. In this title, we'll see how to use the HTML5 file API to build webpages that can work with local file data, a capability that only native applications have had up until now. We'll start off with the basics. Examining how to use the HTML file input form element to allow users to select files and retrieve information about them such as their name, size, and mind type. We'll also see how to use the HTML5 file reader API to provide features like progress information, cancel-able read actions and reading just particular portions of individual files.

So if you're ready to see how the HTML5 file API can give your web apps a native flair, then let's get started with HTML5 File API in Depth.

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