Getting Started with HDR

with Tim Grey
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Getting Started with HDR
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In many cases the difference between the brightest and darkest areas of a scene is simply too great to capture in a single image, due to the inherent limitations of cameras. However, you can overcome those limitations through the use of high dynamic range (HDR) imaging. In this workshop from digital imaging guru Tim Grey, learn both how to capture HDR images and how to organize, assemble, and optimize them after the fact, whether you prefer to use HDR Pro, Nik HDR Efex Pro, or Photomatix.

Topics include:
  • Capturing, reviewing, and organizing HDR images
  • Maximizing detail in a single image
  • Simple single-image HDR
  • Assembling from Bridge or Lightroom
  • Choosing a conversion mode
  • Using presets
  • HDR Pro adjustment options
  • Using Nik HDR Efex Pro
  • Using Photomatix
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Photoshop HDR Efex Pro


- Hello, I'm Tim Grey. I've spent quite a few years helping photographers master the tools and techniques of digital photography. And in this course, I'm going to help you produce images that reflect a much wider range of tonal values than your camera is able to achieve in a single photographic image. The process I'm referring to is called High Dynamic Range Imaging, or HDR. It involves capturing multiple images, with different exposure settings, so that between those multiple captures you've recorded the maximum amount of detail in the scene. Special software then allows you to assemble those images into a single final photo that includes far more detail than you could possibly reveal with a single capture.

We'll start off exploring the basic concepts of High Dynamic Range Imaging so you can apply those concepts to different tools and techniques as you learn to master HDR. I'll show you some of the techniques I use to sort and organize the individual frames of an HDR, and then use Photoshop as a starting point for creating our final image. In addition to Photoshop, we'll also explore other software tools that enable you to assemble HDR images. Along the way you'll learn some valuable skills and you'll get a better since of the creative possibilities. So join me as we explore the unique and fun results you can achieve through the use of High Dynamic Range Imaging.

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