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Starting the conversation

Now that your Google+ Business page is live you don't just set it and forget it. There are steps that you will need to take to manage it and build awareness of it. Like any online marketing tool a Google+ page needs attention to become a scalable piece of your business puzzle. So let's start the conversation. Google+ is all about being a hub for people to collaborate and share content. This is from Jaryl Leonard's personal profile page and she is sharing her posts and the same would happen as if you're using the page, so what I am going to do here is click the No Obstacles Sport page, and you'll see posts here.

So what you'll do is you'll log into your Google account, and you'll search for your page. What I did here is I just went up, and I can toggle back and forth either between my page, or I can go to my business page. Whatever ways work best for you, you can also get your page this way. When you have your personal page and your business page you can toggle back and forth. So just be mindful that when you're posting be sure that you know which page is that you are on, when you start that conversation. Content is all about doing things that are helpful, relevant, interesting, useful.

Think of it this way, you are going to share and speak to people in a way that is appropriate. If you're at a backyard barbecue talking casually with a friend that's going to be different than someone that you haven't met necessarily. So that's the difference between a quote here versus something a little more personal. It's as simple as going to share what's new and starting to post. And note that posting everything at the same time could be overkill. Let's say you have several blog posts that you want to share links to or quotes or photos. I would encourage you to stagger your thoughts appropriately in a digestible way throughout the day. And when in doubt, you can always go and search for other organizations.

I'm just going to go and search for No Obstacles Sport, and I am going to type the whole thing out to show you all the searching options, and it does give you the option to go right to the page. I am going to go ahead and hit Search, and it gives you the option here, do you see this dropdown which says Everything, if you hit that arrow you can search People and pages, you can search posts, you can search Sparks, you can search Hangouts, you can search Events, a lot of different ways, you can even search within your own circles and Mark LaCie is part of Jaryl's circles.

You can even search by location, so just know that you have a lot of different options here on what to post. And so if you're trying to get some insight on ideas or inspiration, take a look at other organizations, see what the competition is doing, and see what works for you. You can start to take some notes down of things that you'll want to post to the public, and as well, to your circles. So some of you may be thinking okay, okay, but really like I need a little more help on what I should post. And the answer to what should I post is pretty simple actually.

What you're going to do is post content that could be web links, could be a personal message, could to be videos, photos. Do you where it says Share what's new, I am going to put my mouse over the camera to add photos, I can also add video, I can share an event, I can share web links, or you can go ahead and just type in text. I am not going to go ahead and post this, it's not the message that I want to communicate for the brand necessarily, but I am just showing you that you can just type in content. So content can be anything from pictures, can be photos, can be videos.

And some posts may be more appropriate for a personal post and some may be appropriate to post as a business. For example, Jaryl's news about going to Costa Rica with her husband may not be something that she is going to post here on behalf of the brand, but news or health tips from the athletic obstacles unlocked blog may be more business appropriate. If you're looking for content, those of you who are blogging, you may have great content on your blog. Like here's an example of an athletic quote, Unlock Your Inner Athlete! Athletics should reduce stress, not increase it, and this was quote that No Obstacles Sport liked so much that they actually created an image for it and put the quote in graphic text on the image and post it to the blog so that it would live under the No Obstacles Sport brand.

And what they are going to do is they are going to click that quote specifically and they are going to copy that link. I am going to go ahead and copy that right now. And I am going to go back to the profile and Share what's new. And you can either paste a link, just like this, or what you can do is hit the Link button. And I will go ahead and just do that one more time so you can see that. So under Posts I am going to hit that link, and you can do that here, and you can add a little bit of commentary as well.

So let's say that you want to link to the blog post, but you also want to share the quote as well, you can copy that, I am going to go ahead and copy that and go here under Share what's new. Athletics should reduce stress, not increase it, and you can share this with your circles, you can add people. Let's say I want Mark LaCie, I want to share it specifically with him, he is part of my circles, and there you go. What you are going to do is go ahead and post this link, the reason I did the link to the blog as well, as put the quote in is for people that liked that quote so much they can actually go and link to the website, which could increase traffic and visibility overall.

I am going to go ahead and hit Share. And voila! There we go, and if you ever have a typo, don't fret, you have this great dropdown menu here, and you see the little arrow I am going to click that, and you can Edit the post. Let's say I want to call it Quote of the Week, I can change that. I can even make it personal, I can do happy faces. So there we go, I am going to go ahead and hit Save, and if you want people to leave comments or re-share it you can actually opt out of that too.

You have the option to Delete comments or Lock the post. So just know that you have options here. And most content that you post is just that, it's social, it's really all about having a conversation. So most of the time you are going to want to leave the option open to let people comment, and it starts as simply as sharing what's new. And one last point about content. Posting content regularly is very important. Just like you wouldn't want to go to blog and see a post that was updated two years ago, it would make you think oh my gosh this blog never gets updated, you are going to want to get into some content management schedule, if you will.

Whether it's just posting things when it's relevant or making an internal company initiative to share blog posts after they are posted, like this is one about how every step counts has a lot great athletic tips. I am going to go ahead and copy that, and this is just a good helpful tip here. Getting in the habit of posting content regularly is the way to help show people that you are truly active on Google+ for Business. I am going to go ahead and paste this link in here.

And since I have just posted something I'm probably going to wait to hit Post because you do want to stagger post throughout the day. But just remember when in doubt you can be what I like to call a web gemologist. You can share gems of web wisdom, you can repurpose content from other areas of your business, whether it's email newsletters, blog posts, inspirational quotes. And just remember when in doubt on what to post, this is a helpful equation that I always like to share with folks. You serve and support, you don't oversell. Say that again, serve and support, you don't oversell.

People want content that's relevant and useful to them, they don't want to be pitched on products and services. When you post content on Google+ you have the ability to target and select circles. So as your circles get built out you may have athletics sport customers, you may have snow sport customers, you may have investors. You can build out really specific circles and laser target your content. So it's truly, truly relevant to the recipient. And something like an inspirational quote, now I am going to go ahead and just close out of this.

Something like an inspirational quote that's a broad enough that it's appropriate to be a public quote or something like your company's 2011 annual financials may be something that you'd only want to target specifically to your employees. So we have wrapped up ways to customize your Google+ for Business page, lots of different options, when in doubt put your mouse over things and click. And what we'll do is we'll move into more movies about ways to manage your Google+ Business page.

Starting the conversation
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Starting the conversation provides you with in-depth training on Marketing. Taught by Lorrie Thomas Ross as part of the Google+ for Business (2012)

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