Creating a Google+ profile

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Creating a Google+ profile

It's simple to create a Google+ for business page, but you want to take time to ensure the page is done in a quality manner. This is a social presence for your brand, so you want to do it right. There are four steps to getting your page created. They are one, signing up. Two, creating your page. Three, customizing your page. And four, using the one plus button. For this chapter we'll focus on steps one and two, signing up and creating your page.

Let's start with step one, signing up. You have two ways to get started. If you already have a Google+ profile, log into your Google account and find the icon to create a Google+ page on the right-hand side of your personal account. If you don't already have a personal Google+ profile, visit and hit it big blue button to get started. If you watch this course and decide to create a page in a later date, you can always go to and type create a Google plus business page.

If you don't have a public profile with Google+ you will need to create that before you create your business account. Someone at your organization needs to have a personal presence to be able to add and manage your business page. I'm going to quickly create an account as if I were Jaryl Leonard, the CEO of No Obstacles Sport. Here I am, logged into my account, and I already have a Gmail account for Jaryl Leonard, and I'm going to hit this profile picture, I'm going to hit View Profile, and then I'm going to go to Edit profile.

I'm going to start by changing my profile photo. Just like you meet people live, and you see smiling faces, it's recommended to have a good photo of you that looks like you that really reflects your personality. It doesn't have to be a professional photography piece, it can just be something that someone took of you with their smart phone or just a photo that you like. I'm going to go ahead and select a photo here, and Google did not like the size of that. It says the photo I uploaded is too small, it must be 250 pixels wide and 250 pixels tall.

So I'm going to go ahead and re-upload the picture, and when you are creating a personal profile I recommend that you do have your photo sized properly. Either you can do this, and there are courses on that teach you how to do this, or you can have a graphic artist help you out with this. I'm going to go ahead and set this as my profile photo. I have no edits, and you can choose to do a personal message if you like. I'm just going to go ahead and share that with the public. Why not? You can also share things with friends and family and acquaintances once you create your circles, and you can change things like I can put my company, No Obstacles Sport, I'm the CEO, and Current, Save that, I'll say done editing.

I like to work in this tab to see where I need to feel things in. It has the tagline of my company. I can edit all of these things if I'd like, and I'm going to update the company's tagline, and this is for my personal page. And a little bit about myself, as if I were Jaryl Leonard, the CEO of No Obstacles Sport. I encourage you to take time to write a short bio. I took the time to write this in advance, so I can easily copy and paste this here.

And what you'll see here is you can bold, you can italicize, you can underline things, you can even build in links. And so this is the No Obstacles Sport website. I'm going to copy and go back to my profile, and you can create hyperlinks within your bio, so if somebody is reading this and they want to learn more about your business, that link is built in. This bio is more for professional ones. Some of you may choose to make it more personal. Jaryl's has her background in the corporate world and also some of her passions.

Bragging rights, these are just kind of fun things, saving some fun things here, places lived. And for Google+ personal profile, as you can be really personal, you know, you can say married, whatever it is. In this case, we have all that. Other names, if you have made a name, other profiles, links. And so this is a great opportunity from a professional front as you can add a link either to your website, and I can go in here, and I can call this No Obstacles Sports website.

Because sometimes you want people to be able to visit your websites, and I'm going to add another one, because in this case Jaryl also contributes to the No Obstacles Sport clothing blog, so I'll copy that and add that in here, and I'm adding the name of the blog so people can also see the theme of the blog, and I'm going to go ahead and hit Save. And so, on the personal profiles, you can also make it business-oriented if that works for you from a social media perspective, and people can go to your various websites. I'm going to say Done editing.

So now we have a good foundation from a personal perspective with a Google+ profile. We have a nice professional picture, we have a good about bio that can be edited at any time. Jaryl can start posting posts sharing links, she can add photos over time, if she has video she can add those, and she can even go ahead and add her own plus ones, which are her recommendations. Speaking of recommendations, there is one area I wanted to point out to you that are looking for more privacy settings. I'm hitting my name here, I'm going to Jaryl Leonard, and I'm going to go to my account, and if you are interested in disabling or enabling Google to use your plus ones, which are your recommendations and other profile information so that they personalize your content on ads in non-Google websites, then you can go ahead and make this decision here. It's automatically checked for you to be enabled, which allows Google to use your recommendations in any other profile information which could be your company name, your recommendations, the link you share to personalize the content, and ads on non-Google websites.

And how it works is you may see recommendations from people you know or your recommendations may also be shown to others. For Jaryl's case, that totally works for her. She's very okay with having her recommendations shared. For those of you that don't want to have those options shared and you don't want other people to see that and you don't want your content that's shown to you through ads, things like that, to be customized based on your personal behavior, you can go ahead and disable that. For this particular case, you know, I'll just know that Google wants to provide you with the most personal information that's relevant to you. That's really what this message means.

If you want more privacy and you don't want the cookies, you can uncheck it to disable. What I'm going to do is I'm going to go ahead and leave it as is and allow the content to come through that's more personal to me. I just want to point that out for some of you that are more privacy interested. So, personalization settings are updated, and we'll go ahead and go back to Jaryl's profile. You can either hit View Profile, or you can hit the profile icon. So, here we are, ready to go.

Creating a Google+ profile
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Creating a Google+ profile provides you with in-depth training on Marketing. Taught by Lorrie Thomas Ross as part of the Google+ for Business (2012)

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