Google Calendar Essential Training (2013)

with Jess Stratton
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Google Calendar Essential Training (2013)
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Manage your personal and professional schedules better with Google Calendar. This course shows you how to get started scheduling events, keeping track of your to-dos, and accessing it all on the go. Author Jess Stratton first shows you how to change the way the calendar looks and acts to make it better suit your needs, and then moves straight into creating single or repeating events, inviting guests, and adding rooms and resources to an event. Then learn how to respond to invitations and the ins and outs of pop-up reminders and email notifications. You'll learn how to create an additional calendar and share your calendar with others, as well as create a task list where you can assign tasks to others. The last chapter of this course covers Google Labs as well as accessing your Google Calendar on your phone or tablet.

Topics include:
  • Navigating Google Calendar
  • Setting calendar preferences
  • Creating an event
  • Setting up repeating events
  • Inviting guests
  • Responding to invites
  • Setting up reminders
  • Working with tasks
  • Sharing calendars
  • Searching for events
  • Accessing your calendar on a mobile device
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Google Calendar


- My name is Jess Stratton, and welcome to Google Calendar Essential Training. Google Calendar is a free time management system. In this course, I'll show you how to fully navigate Google Calendar, set your calendar preferences, and even change the way the calendar looks. I'll show you how to create events, invite people to your events, and even how to book a conference room to your event, if you're a Google Apps for Business or Education user. I'll show you how to add reminders to your calendar, and even how you can configure Google to send you a text message, as a reminder.

You'll learn how to create additional calendars, and how to share out those calendars so that others can view events on them. Continuing, I'll show you how to search your calendar, and all the options you have to print out your calendar. Finally, I'll show you how you can access Google, by a Smartphone or tablet, and even how can install it, on the Native Mac Calendar Client. I'm gonna show you all this and more, so let's get started right now.

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