Advanced Google AdWords Tips and Tricks

with David Booth
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Advanced Google AdWords Tips and Tricks
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Ready to take the next step with AdWords? David Booth presents tips and tricks used by expert practitioners at his company Cardinal Path to improve their AdWords account management, organization, and reporting skills. First, you'll see different ways to use AdWords' labels, filters, and automated rules to improve visibility into your accounts. Agencies and freelancers managing multiple accounts will love learning how to use the My Client Center (MCC) features of AdWords—which provide a unified view of all your accounts in one place. Next, you'll learn how to save tremendous amounts of time with the AdWords Editor, where you can perform bulk edits, get rid of duplicate keywords, and create new campaigns extremely efficiently. Plus, you'll learn about the Auction Insights data, which will help you see how you stack up vs. the competition. Last, we'll dive into AdWords scripts and useful analytics and custom reports for evaluating Quality Score, attribution, and other key metrics and components of your AdWords account.

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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Dave Booth. And this is AdWords Tips and Tricks. The goal of this course is to help AdWords users become more efficient by using the tips and tricks that our top consultants are using on a day-to-day basis at my own company, Cardinal Path. We've compiled a handful of those best practices and methods and through this course, we're sharing them with you. We're going to assume that you've got some experience in creating and managing campaigns with Google AdWords. We'll be covering a wide range of topics. Hopefully you're already using a lot of these tips and best practices.

But our broader hope is that you'll pick up at least a few things along the way that might be new to you. So welcome to this course and we hope you get some value out of your spending the time to watch it.

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