Shooting with the GoPro HERO: Fundamentals

with Richard Harrington
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Shooting with the GoPro HERO: Fundamentals
Video duration: 0s 4h 21m Beginner Updated Mar 26, 2015


Got a GoPro? This series covers all the essential skills you'll need to get out from behind the computer and start shooting in the field with your GoPro HERO or GoPro HERO4, whether you capture stills, video, or even time-lapse photography. In this installment, author Rich Harrington starts right at the beginning: getting the camera out of the box (trickier than it sounds) and setting up for your shoot. He'll also share his insights on the different menus and buttons to get you up and running quickly, without fussing over controls. Follow-up courses in this series will examine different creative uses for the GoPro.

Note: This course was updated in December 2014 to cover the new GoPro HERO4 line of cameras, including chapters on the menu system and shooting photos and video with the HERO4.

Topics include:
  • Choosing a GoPro model
  • Understanding your GoPro camera's anatomy
  • Charging the battery
  • Choosing a memory card
  • Accessing video and photo shooting modes
  • Setting white balance for video
  • Shooting in burst or time-lapse mode
  • Shooting wirelessly
  • Downloading software
  • Buying GoPro accessories
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- Hi, my name's Rich Harrington. And welcome to this course. We're going to take a look at the GoPro Cameras. We're going to cover all the essential skills you need to get up and running and shooting with these cameras. Whether you want to shoot stills, video or even time lapse. Now, this is a fundamentals course, so we're gonna walk you through everything from getting the camera out of the box, which is actually trickier than it sounds, to get getting it set up properly for your shooting situations, an extensive look at the menus and the controls. This is just meant to get you out the door and getting the footage and the results that you need.

We're gonna follow up this class with several other project base classes to really help you explore creatively different ways to use this camera. But this is the best starting place for you. I'm gonna share all the practical knowledge I figured out about how these cameras work and which settings matter. So with that in mind, let's start the process of digging in, to the GoPro Camera.

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