Populating an Edit Template

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Populating an Edit Template

Now, that we have a template selected and some media loaded, let's start to swap things out. As you go through and click on each clip, you can see what's happening. Remember, you can add in and out points to set the starting point. Let's add an in point right there. It's a good action shot, and it carries forth with a good amount of detail for a long time.

Let's drop that here into the first well. Now it's up to you if you want to include the GoPro animation up front. A lot of folks love working with GoPro and the GoPro brand. So, if you want to keep that in, go right ahead. For me, I like the video to start with the subject right away. So, we'll drag that down there, right into that first well and it updates. That worked pretty well. You'll note here that the in and out points are set.

The template has determined that for you. You can drag them to adjust, but what you can't do is really change the duration. Note there, as I set a new in point, the out point moves as well This essentially means that the template has locked the duration of the shot. So if the shot you drop in doesn't work for that zone, you can always consider a different one and see how it works.

Let's play this one through, and go to the next shot. All right, that worked. Need another shot. And I'll scroll through some of my selections and ultimately, which ones you use are up to you. But I just want to walk through this idea of determining the best place to begin a shot. That looks pretty good there when the others are already past.

I'll mark it in and drag that into the zone. Remember, with this shot selected you can also take advantage of any of the other effects here as you see fit. For example, let's slow that shot down to 50% speed. That was pretty good, but what I'd like to see is that he completes the arc down. So, instead of 50%, I'll experiment. 75. That worked better. Now, this particular template is built all around the surfer getting ready for the big ride and it ends with a 26-second long shot.

The problem is, is that I don't have any 26-second long shots in my project. And with the type of subject I was shooting with skateboarding, most tricks don't last that long. So, it's time to go back and find some more footage. Now you might be thinking, well, just cut it up and put some more clips in. The templates are locked. Once you've put it together, you have to sort of follow the paint by number aspect here that is GoPro. Let's go back and import and convert a new shot into the project. I'll add this one in. And trim away some of the parts we don't need.

Add that, and convert it. The conversion is complete. And, we can go on to step two, edit. Take that shot, and drop it in the last well, and let's set our new in point. Let's have a look. It worked pretty well. I'm going to go a little later after he starts to ride again. Right there he goes over the edge.

For my editing taste, that last shot is a bit long. But I think it's an excellent place to go back in, and add some extra credits. He had a credit for the musician. Go in, and add text to identify the writers. Or put in credits to the crew, and the production. It's a good way to wrap up the production. Speaking of wrapping up, now that we have the edit together, all that's really left to do is watch it one more time from start to finish, and then export it so you can share it with others.

Populating an Edit Template
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Learn how to swap out the footage from a GoPro Edit Template with your own audio and video.

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