Creating Icon Fonts for the Web

with James Williamson
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Creating Icon Fonts for the Web
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If you think icon fonts stop and start with Dingbats, think again. New icon fonts are modern, fun, and allow you to add scalable vector artwork to your designs with a single keystroke. Chances are you've seen them in action, but you might not be exactly clear on how to create your own. In this course, senior author James Williamson explains what icon fonts are and how they work, and reviews a selection of tools for generating icon fonts: online services like Fontello, vector-drawing programs like Illustrator, and font creation software like Glyphs Mini. He also provides tips on drawing and organizing glyphs, importing artwork, exporting your font, and generating cross-browser-compatible web fonts.

Note: Glyphs Mini is only available on the Mac.

Topics include:
  • What is an icon font?
  • Searching options for creating icon fonts
  • Choosing existing icons from an online service
  • Setting up your font-creation workspace
  • Drawing curves
  • Creating compound paths
  • Exporting glyphs
  • Setting glyph properties
  • Simplifying paths
  • Exporting your icon font
  • Using Font Squirrel to generate web fonts
  • Testing icon fonts
Illustrator Glyphs App


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm James Williamson, Senior Author here at and I wanna welcome you to Creating Icon Fonts. In this course, I'm gonna cover a couple of popular techniques used to create icon fonts. We're gonna start with the basic overview of what icon fonts are and how they work. From there we're gonna take a look at using online tools to generate icon fonts from existing fonts as well as being able to upload your own artwork. Then we're gonna move on to creating icon fonts through the use of vector drawing programs and font creation software.

We'll discuss what makes a good icon, how to properly set up your workspace, tips for drawing glyphs and how to properly export your vectors. I'll cover how to properly set your font up and organize your glyphs and how to cleanly import your artwork. I'll also show you how to use the service Font Squirrel to generate the necessary web fonts. I had a lot of fun building this course and I can't wait to show you how rewarding it is to build your own icon font.

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