Up and Running with Google Glass

with Doug Winnie
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Up and Running with Google Glass
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Google Glass is a new wearable technology from Google that adds a digital display to your physical world. Through Glass, the Internet is available through voice commands and basic gestures. You can capture and share the world around you, find out more about your surroundings, and get notifications about things that are important to you.

This course explains how to get your Google Glass configured, connected, and working for you. After you get Glass set up on the Internet, Doug Winnie goes through how to navigate the voice and gesture-based interface, install apps to extend its capabilities, and use Glass in real-world scenarios: navigating a city, accepting calls, and taking photos and video.

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- Hi. My name is Doug Winnie and we're going to walk through how you can get started with Google Glass. Google Glass is a new type of hardware that augments what you see and work with in the real world, with information through Google, apps, and other services that are available to you either with your voice, gestures, or through the connection with your smart phone. In this course, we'll walk through what comes with Google Glass and how to get it set up with your Google account and linked with your smart phone. With it set up, you can then install apps and link contacts with your Glass.

Google Glass has a different interface than you might be used to from a tablet or a smart phone. We'll walk through how to use the Glass interface so you'll be comfortable working with any app or part of Glass. To show you how glass works, it's best to actually show you in a real situation. So, we'll go out and use features of Glass like navigation, accepting calls, taking and sharing photos and videos as you would in a real life situation. So even in a small package, Glass can do a bunch of things.

So, let's jump right in and start getting up and running with Google Glass.

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